Thermal Unit

Ybotech ECU831 Thermal Unit adopts Peltier technology. With communication interface, it can access automated nucleic acid extractor and workstation system to realize remote control. Compact design, space saving and easy layout. Mainly used in the workstation for incubation, cracking, refrigeration, fixed-point constant temperature and other access. It can be customized according to customer’s needs.

gradeKey Features
  • Peltier Technology;
  • With a Communication interface to connect to the workstation.
  • Remote Control, Easy Layout.
  • Small Volume, Save Space.

ECU831 Thermal Unit

Technical Specification

Specificatin of ECU831 Thermal Unit
Including Controller + Thermal block + Cable Needspace for hot air flow
Standard Block 96*0.2ml microplate Blocks are customizable
Control Mode Fixed point, with Peltier technology, constant current control, air cooling
Temperature Range 4°C – 70°C @10°C – 30°C ambient temperature
Heating time ≤5min (from 23°C to 70°C) @23 ± 2°C, with block only
Cooling time ≤10min (from 23°C to 4°C)
Temperature accuracy ±0.5 (15°C – 70°C)
Control Precision ±1 (4°C – 15°C) Connect to workstation
Powerinput 0.1°C Built-in isolator
Communicatioon Interface DC24V 120W
Dimension L*W*H RS232/CAN Optional
Weight ≈1.2kg

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