15/25KW X-Ray Radiography System for Veterinary

Table side adjustment, Remote-control Exposure

Excellent X-ray Source, Low skin dose

  • Table side human graphic color LCD touch screen for parameters setting, together with the remote control exposure method make the operate much safer and convenient.
  • Adopt technology of kW closed-loop control and mAs digital closed-loop control to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of the x-ray dose.
  • High frequency high voltage x-ray generator and high frequency inverter power make excellent x-ray source, low skin dose and sharp image.
  • Multi-parts and Multi-position Photogarphy

  • Multi body parts, multi position photography parameters of small and large animal have been preprogrammed. easy to learn and operate even to new operators.
  • The compact design of the x-ray monoblock make it much easier to install.
  • Self-protection and fault-code alarming function for much safer operate.
  • The bed can float freely, electromagnetic brake to make the photography position more accurancy.
  • Standard: Bucky Stand: used for the vertical photography of head, chest, pelvis, limbs and so on.
  • Standard: Animial graphical LCD touch screen control console makes compartment photography be possible.
  • Technical Parameters

    Item PLX160 PLX160A
    Power Output 15kW 25kW
    Tube Voltage 40 – 125kW 40 – 125kW
    Tube Current 200mA 200mA
    Inverter Frequency 40kHz 40kHz
    Power Supply 200V, 50Hz, Capacit≥20KVA 380V, 50Hz, Capacity≥40KVA
    mAs 0.4-360mAs (Advantage, large range) 0.4-360mAs
    Dual focus Small focus: 0.3mm; Large focus: 0.6mm Small focus: 0.6; Large focus: 1.3
    Thermal capacity 212kJ (300 kHU) 212kJ (300 kHU)
    The speed of the rotary anode 3000rpm 3000rpm
    Grid Table Photography 103L/inch 15’’ x 18’’ 103L/inch 15’’ x 18’’
    Bucky Stand Photography 103L/inch 18’’ x 18’’ 103L/inch 18’’ x 18’’