YBMS 32KW Mobile Digital Radiography System
YBMD 25KW Mobile Digital Radiography System

YBMG 50KW Mobile Digital Radiography System


YBMG adopts the leading integrated design, can be widely used in radiology, orthopedics, medical examination, emergency room, intensive care unit, operating room, neonatal department, to meet the demand of digital radiography in the hospital.

High-index Image Chain

  • 50kW High power & high voltage generator and large heat capacity of X-ray tube provide strong foundation for output.
  • Wireless flat panel detector is free from cable and makes position ore flexible. High pixel provides solid foundation for high quality images.
  • New Power Design

  • Support wall current or lithium battery exposure, improve the adaptability of the scene and not be subject to environmental restrictions.
  • Lithium battery design, green environment, light weight, small volume, fast charging, long service life.
  • More than 500 exposure times in full charge (chest film).
  • Advanced Capacitive Touch Screen

  • The biggest size touch screen (21.5 inch) in the field, Ultra-narrow border design, wide field of vision, enhance display effect.
  • Adopt OGS technology, protect the screen from dust and moisture, keep the screen sharp.
  • Excellent Movement Ability

  • 10 climb ability, 77km movement capacity, 55cm width design, compact and light weight, Intelligent dual motors, and stepless speed technology helps the equipment move freely.
  • Technical Specification

    Flat Panel Detector X-ray Sensitive Area 14x17inch
    Generator Standard Power 32kW
    kVp Range 40 - 150 kVp
    mAs Range 0.1 - 500mAs
    X-ray Tube Anode Heat Content 150kHu
    Physical Specification Weight 518kg
    Height 182.5cm
    Width 67cm
    Column Rotation Range ±270º
    Tube Tilting Angle ±180º
    Tube Vertical Rotation Angle -30º - +90º
    Telescopic Arm Length Range 710 - 1240mm
    SID 570 - 1800mm