YBVC2 Semi-auto Coagulation Analyzer for VET
YBHE-Maray83 Auto Hematology Analyzer

Instrument Function

  • Test method: magnetic beads method, immune tubidimetric method, chromogenic substrate method.
  • Test Item: APTT, TT, PT, FIB and blood coagulation factors, coagulation-related special items e.g. D-dimer and FDP.
  • Test speed: 120Ts/h.
  • Probe: 1.
  • Automatic and manual dual-mode test capability.
  • Insufficient cuvette and reagent alarm function.
  • Tilt reagent position(extend the use time of reagent to avoid waste and ensure the accuracy of the test results).
  • Sampling probe with liquid surface induction and constant heating function.
  • Batch test and emergency priority insertion test function.
  • Abnormal test results alarm and automatic retest function.
  • Insufficient test results alarm and waste liquid overflow alarm function.
  • Bar code recognition function (optional).
  • Sheathed manipulator definitely avoids the risk of cuvette to be fallen off in the transposition process through gripping.
  • Four directions ventilation and cooling function, makes it reliable operation.
  • Infinite storage for test and quality control data.

Market advantage

  • Better meets the demand for automatic test of all customers.
  • With unique leading advantage of performance.
  • In addition to the advantages of high precision and high speed, it also has lower operating costs.
  • The instrument has obtained the European Union CE certification.
  • To avoid background interference function.
  • With tilt and refrigerated reagent position to assure the fully use of the reagents.
  • Constant temperature heating function, and ensures the accuracy of measurement results.
  • The product has the LED working lighting system that provides a bright operating environment and can be used friendly.
  • The machine has  drawer-style loading system which is more easily for operation.