YBMC 40KW Mobile Digital Radiography System

YOM-11 Multifunction Microscope is suitable for ENT, brain neurosurgery surgery and ophthalmic surgery.


1.Double binocular,forming 90°of each other, supply monocular assistant mirror, The main and assistant

microscope share the same light route, the same magnification ,the same visual field, continuous apolar magnification.

2.The main microscope has optics hinges drawtube ,range of overhead view -30°~60°,100% brightness.

3.Eyepiece: 12.5X, Alf wide angle eyepiece, The main microscope has high resolution, high definition, optics hinges, strong stereoscopic impression, huge depth of field.

4.Magnification: 5X~25X motorized continuous magnification. 5.Field of view diameter: 85mm~8.5mm

6.Working distance: 200mm,250mm,300mm,350mm,400mm 7.Adjustable range of eye distance: 54mm~75mm

8.Adjustable visual degree: ±5D

9.Motorized fine focusing: 40mm, focusing speed: 1~2mm/s 10.The microscope has X-Y bidimensional turned head,

with six degree of freedom motorized adjustment, The pitching range of front and back, left and right, both are >100°

11.15V150W coaxial illumination of cold light source, operation illuminance ≥80000LX. Optional: Xenon lamp, illuminance can  reach 120000LX, sun effect, bigger depth of field

12.Illumination range: Ф70mm, adjustable light spot.


1.Balanced spring frame

2.The coarse adjustable range: 450mm

3.The maximum spread length of cross arm : 1200mm 4.The convolute range of load-carrying arm: 240° 5.Power:220V/50HZ,

The maximum Power dissipation:200W


1.Digital camera

2.CCD camera system