FDC8100 Full-Digital Diagnostic Color Doppler System


1.Single binocular stereomicroscope,deep depth of field, optional parts:detachable beam splitter, monocular teaching mirror, digital camera interface, CCD interface and photograph, video system.

2.Binocular tube with continues tilt optics hinges (0°~90°)

3.Eyepiece: 12.5x/17B with adjustable visual degree and caging device

4.Five-step parallel light manual magnification:4x,6x,10x,17x,25x (Working distance:200mm)

5.The highest resolution above 100mm/wire pair

6.Four objective lenses, working distance:200mm,250mm,300mm,400mm

7.Six free degree adjustment, motorized fine-tune up-down range:40mm

Front and back titling angle:-5°~ 90°

Left and right titling angle:±30°

8.Cold light source coaxial illumination, light source Halogen lamp, the maximum illuminance:80000LX

  1. Pneumatic spring arm frame, the coarse tuning up-down range:250mm
  2. Power and Frequency:220V±22V, 50HZ±1HZ

It can be used in ENT microsurgery.