FDC8100 Full-Digital Diagnostic Color Doppler System


1.The main microscope:

Parallel light five-step magnification zoom system

Zoom ratio: 0.4-2.5  , Magnification: 3.5 、5.4 、8.5 、13.5 、21

Field of view diameter:Φ68、43、27.5、17.5、11mm

Eyepiece visual angle:45°, with adjuster of PD(55mm – 75mm)

2.Vice microscope and the main microscope at a 90 °postural, the same light route, magnification:6x.10x.16x(3 step disposition) 3.Eyepiece: main microscope 10X/22B  vice microscope:12.5X/18B

4.Working Distance: 200mm

5.6° +0°Coaxial cold light source fiber optic illumination

illumination≥ 80000Lx , Lighting bulbs: 15V/150W

6.With retinal protection devices

7.X-Y plane mover,moving range X-Y:40mm.(Can be reset to zero)

8.Motorized fine tunning system by foot control, the range of fine focusing: 40mm

9.The microscope can be front and back pitching adjustable, pitching range: -5°-10°

10.The maximal spread radius of the cross arm: 1200mm

Vertical adjustment range: 850mm – 1350mm

11.Newest design balanced frame

12.Optional parts: Beam splitter, digital SLR camera interface, CCD video interface, HD video camera, HD display.

It can be used by series ophthalmic microsurgery.