YBMC 40KW Mobile Digital Radiography System


Simple damping -conditioning system(120°balancing arm)

The primary mirror can be easily maintained at any location with the movement.

The adjustable binocular tube with 180°optics hinges

In a different position you can maintain upright sitting position to gain maximum comfort.

A fine-tuning large objective lens and large vary-focus lens with 120mm lengthened working distance. Allows you to easily get clear facia and image, make the working distance automatic adjustment, easy to focusing.

Bright and clear, strong stereoscopic impression optical system

Allows you to get the best image which you never seen before, it is convenient for your subtle observation,

and improve your working efficiency and treatment.

Expanding application:

Optional: built-in or outlay video, all kinds of digital SLR camera, video camera and digital camera wireless foot control acquisition, and wireless HD video transmission system


1.Binocular tube: adjustable binocular tube with 0-180°optics hinge.

2.Binocular tube foci: F=170mm

3.Rotating disc type PD adjuster, the range is: 50mm~80mm

4.The diameter of field of view:Φ66mm~Φ10.4mm

5.Eyepiece: 12.5X / 18B

6.The adjustable range of visual degree: ±6D

7.Five-step drum wheel magnification zoom system: Magnification 3.4x,5.1x,8.3x,    13.5x,20.5x

8.With fine-tuning apochromatic large objective: working distance:250mm,

the adjustable range is 20mm.

9.Adjustable double handlebar

10.LED illumination, object plane illuminance(F=250).

The maximun illuminance≥30000~60000lx, adjustable brightness,with automatic      power-off switch.

11.Diameter of illuminating light spot(F=250):Φ85mm

12.Filter adjuster:yellow,green and heat filter.

13.Movable floor stand frame:including base,column, big cross arm(510mm),

small cross arm(620mm)

and  so on,the spread length of total arm:1350mm,height:1750mm,

the range of up-down≥350mm

14.120°balancing arm with damping:freely rotate to any position with damping.

Optional parts:

1.CCD 1/2 inch optics interface

2.Digital camera interface

3.Video camera interface

4.Beam splitter: 5:5 or 2:8

5.Built-in SD or HD CCD camera system.

6.Wireless video

7.Wireless remote control photograph


9.Large zoom objective:200mm~320mm