eATC Automatic Thermal Cycler

Ybotech eATC Automatic Thermal Cycler is an innovative thermal cycler instrument designed for the automated PCR system. This instrument uses an electric heating lid controlled by the PC protocol, which can coordinate the automated system to run the PCR experiment program and provide a wealth of status information to meet the multi-dimensional operation of the robotic arm. At the same time, eATC adopts a sturdy and compact design, a separate liquid cooling unit and a remote operation display, which can be easily integrated into an automated experimental system. The external liquid cooling unit can be placed arbitrarily to avoid affecting the temperature of the internal experimental space.

gradeKey Features
  • Suitable for various specifications of consumables and various sealing methods.
  • Electric heating lid, constant pressure, avoid reagent leakage and evaporation.
  • PC protocol controls to run PCR program experiments and monitor various information.
  • The reaction plate can be grabbed from the top and side.
  • Split liquid cooling unit with quick connector connection.
  • Modular design of PCR reaction unit, quick replacement and easy maintenance.
  • Separate display operation unit, which can be controlled remotely.
  • It can be used as an independent automated PCR instrument.

eATC Automatic Thermal Cycler can be seamlessly integrated with an external robotic arm or a manipulator of a pipetting workstation to complete automated DNA fragment amplification, enzyme reaction, sample incubation and other experimental steps. Especially suitable for molecular biology experiments in industrialization, automation, large-scale medical testing and other application molecular biology experimental fields. It can also be used alone as an automated Thermal Cycler instrument.

eATC Automatic Thermal Cycler

Technical Specification

Bastic Parameters

Model eATC eTCA-384
2 Block 96 wells, Aluminum, 1-100ul reaction system. 384 wells
3 Applicable Consumables Standard 0.2ml PCR singletube, 8-strip/12strip tube, no skirt board, half skirt, full skirt borad 384 microplate
4 Input Power 100-240V~50/60Hz, 1000VA
5 Dimension (L*W*H) Host (PCR reaction unit): 355*193*185 mm

Cooling unit (removable, cable connection), 306x145x81.5mm

Display unit (removable, cable connectioon), 193x145x81.5mm

6 Net Weight Host (PCR reaction unit): 11.4kg

Cooling unit: 5.1kg

Display unit: 0.85kg

Gross weight: 17.37kg

7 Display Screen 7’’ WVGA 64000 color, LED back light, high sensitive resitance screen.

Automation function and parameters

8 Hot lid moving time ≤10s
9 Automted PCR Dedicate Program Folder Yes, a control protocol is provided, and any program in the pu folder of the host computer is controlled and operted by the terminal.
10 Commnication Yes, RS232C protocol, DB9 feemale socket.
11 Gland Adaptive Tube The tbe height is adaptive (suitable for test high tube, short tube, flat top tube, dome tube, full skirt, half skirt, no skirt, etc.) and provides rated pressure.
12 Electric Hot Lid Yes, It can be opened and closd by translation, and it will store automatically when the tube pressure eaches the rated value. Reaches the mechanical limit.
13 PC remote control Yes, throgh protocol control, remote hot lid movement (open, closing), coordinated operatioon profram (select program, run, etc.,) feedback host status (host SN number, program status, host pisition, host fault code, motor failure and other informations)
14 Manually Unlock When the consumables get stuck accidentally, you can manually open the hot lid to take out the consumables and samples
15 Automated Crawling The robotic arm can be lifted from the front, on both size to operate the reaction plate.
16 Cooling Unit Yes, it has a built-in fan and a fast interface, which can radiate externally through a standard air duct interfrace.
17 Coolant Medium Main ingredients: ethylene glycol, additives.

Main Technical Specification

18 Temperature control accuracy ≤±2℃
19 Block temperature precision ≤±0.1℃
20 Block temperature uniformity ≤±0.3℃@55℃
21 Max. Ramp Rate ≥4℃/s
22 Avg. Heatign Rate ≥2℃/s (50-90℃)
23 Avg. Cooling Rate ≥1.5℃/s (90-50℃)
24 Temprature Control Technology 3 Peltier independently control.

Programming function and file mangement

25 Block control mode Block/Tube (Reagent volume setting)
26 Block temperature range 0-105°C
27 Hot lid temperature range 30-105°C, ON/OFF
28 Time setting range 1s-9h0m0s, means forever
29 Auto hot lid Yes, Auto setting temperature of the hot lid according tothe PCR parameter.
30 Real-time curve Yes, Displays dynamic temprature curve ofblock and hot lid.
31 Gradient range/span 12 columns of gradient/30-99℃/1-42℃, jut set the leftmost and righmost column temperaatures, others are auto computed
32 Temperature touch down Yes,  ±0.1 – ±10°C/Cycle
33 Time touch down Yes,  ±1 – ±120s/Cycle
34 Waiting for operating Yes, auto pause and hold temperature waiting for user operation according to program.
35 Cycles setting range 1-150X, Non cross dual nest loops available.
36 Adjustable ramp rate Yes, 0.1-3.5°C/s
37 Step setting range 1-100
38 Memory capacity Max 1000 folders, each folder includes max 1000 files.
39 Wizard Template Yes, Thewizard template guides editing and prompt errors.
40 Run history Yes
41 Editing during runtime Yes. Other applicatioons can be edited during run.
42 File template Provide programmable templates.
43 USB interface Yes, Files can be imported / exported with one click, Easy exchange files between PCR machines, Software upgrade.
44 User friendly interface Yes, Dynamic temperature and color background, animation running status, breathing lighindication, buzzing prompt.
45 Easy interfaces switch Simple main interface, operating interface, dynamic curve, engineering interface.
46 Total time / Remain time prediction Yes
47 Key tone On/off
48 Screen brightness adjustment Yes
49 System Includes system configuratioon, self-test, factory setting, software upgrade, engineering interface (Engineering mode only)
50 Help Product features, software features, quick guides, error codes, contact information.
51 Interface languare Chinese / English switch freely.

Series fo active safety and traceability of experiment results

52 Administrator Creat user account, set passwordd, software upgrade, system reset.
53 Guest No password
54 User Create accounts as needed, Data will be protected independently.
55 Read-pnly protection Yes. File name stuffix # makes files read-only.
56 Run log Yes, Including programs, running times and operations.
57 Screen lock Fr large users, in order to prevent the machine from being misoperated by others in the experiment, the operator can lock the screen so that the click on the screen will not respond until it is unlocked with a password.
58 Inhibit Non-specific amplification Yes, Before running the cycle program, the block is cooled to 10°C until the hot lid temperature get set value during hot lid warming up.
59 Smart Tube mode Yes, Precise control according to reagents volume.
60 Smart gradient temperature Yes, Dynamic power control ensures that the temperature of each column reaches the target synchronously.
61 Self-test when power on Yes
62 Auto report after running Yes
63 Self-diagnosis and report Yes
64 Soaking after running Yes
65 Memory function of power-down Yes
66 Peltier life warning Yes, Automatically assess Peltier’s health status and give maintenance suggestions.
67 Screen calibration Yes
68 Block temperature calibration Yes, Engineering mode only.

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