What is the Ybotech Conductivity Meter?

Ybotech conductivity meter measures the amount of electrical current or conductance in a solution. Conductivity is useful in determining the overall health of a natural water body. It is also a way to measure changes in wastewater procedures at water treatment plants. Conductivity meters are common in any water treatment or monitoring situation, as well as in environmental laboratories.

How a YBOTECH Conductivity Meter Works?

Ybotech conductivity meter is equipped with a probe, usually handheld, for field or on-site measurements. After the probe is placed in the liquid to be measured, the meter applies voltage between two electrodes inside the probe. Electrical resistance from the solution causes a drop in voltage, which is read by the meter. The meter converts this reading to milli- or micromhos per centimeter. This value indicates the total dissolved solids. Total dissolved solids is the amount of solids that can pass through a glass-fiber filter.

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