Quality & Guarantee

All the products of YBOTECH were approved by ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE for themselves or their concatenate manufacturers, the product quality and the service pledge are as follows:

  • Is responsible to introduce this company product the correct application method and the matters needing attention;
  • This company produces the product quality conforms to the national standards;
  • Supplies the product in the stipulation guarantees in the nature time to use, if the discovery quality flaw, is responsible for this batch of products by this company draw back, exchange goods the processing item;
  • After the national legal examination organization determined legally this company product quality question creates the incident of malpractice, undertakes items and so on accident processing and responsibility compensation by this company;
  • The authorization entrusts the region to sell representative legally, is responsible for the product quality track, provides the technical advisory work service, visits the customer regularly, understood that the product quality and the service condition, widely seek information the business agent and the terminal customer opinion and the suggestion;
  • Establishment customer file, stitch in time customer quality suit. Generally the quality accident guaranteed that in 48 hours explicit answer, the special quality accident, the company dispatches an official promptly the scene processing;
  • According to the customer demand, arranges the production, to deliver goods promptly, ships to by the quickest way, satisfies the customer to use normally.