HPLC3210 High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Industry application: 

Food, chemical industry, feed, college teaching and other fields.

YBOTECH High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) is an instrument based on the principle of high performance liquid chromatography, which is mainly used to analyze less-volatile and thermal-unstable organic compounds with high boiling point and large molecular weight. It consists of reservoir, pump, sample injector, chromatographic column, detector and recorder. The mobile phase in the reservoir is pumped into the system by a high-pressure pump, and the sample solution passes through a sample injector then enters the mobile phase, which loads the sample solution into a chromatographic column (stationary phase). Because the various components in the sample solution have different distribution coefficients in the two phases, when they are moving relatively in the two phases, after repeated adsorption-desorption distribution processes, the moving speed of each component is greatly different, and the components are separated into single components flowing out of the column in turn. When passing through the detector, the sample concentration is converted into electrical signal and transmitted to the recorder, and the data is printed out in the form of chromatogram.

gradePerformance characteristics

Basic configuration: liquid chromatography, single-pump isocratic system; standard configuration: most widely used UV detector, manual sample injection mode.

  • Mainstream split design, complete system testing function, to meet most testing needs;
  • Customized acetonitrile-resistant check valve;
  • The new cam curve design adopts electronic pulsation suppression technology and solvent;
  • Compression compensation to further reduce pressure fluctuations and ensure higher repeatability of test results;
  • Standard configuration of plunger rod online cleaning function;
  • 1800L/mm grating imported from France;
  • Optional UV, ELSD, FLD, DAD detectors from our company;
  • Fully intelligent counter-control chromatography workstation.
High Pressure Pump
  • Customized high-precision gradient valves, which guarantee extremely high gradient repeatability.
  • Two-stage suspension technology high-pressure constant-flow pump, which improves the system life, reduces the wear and tear of seals, and relieves customers of usage costs.
  • Built-in degasser to meet both high-pressure pump and feeder cleaning fluid degassing.
  • Seamlessly linked with the workstation, global set of key components, high-precision metering pump, greatly enhance the accuracy of the injection. The design of polar coordinates, a variety of injection methods can be selected to meet the needs of various customers, with an auxiliary air pump, optional cooling mode, intelligent lighting design, easy to observe.
Column Oven
  • Heating – cooling two-way air bath temperature control, gentle control, uniform heat, high stability.
  • Provide 2-way “250mm column + protection column” installation position, to meet the majority of user needs.
  • High precision reflector lens, 1800 lines of shining grating, to ensure extremely low stray light and a large linear range.
  • With local deployment and network deployment capabilities to meet the needs of users of different sizes.

Full Range of Liquid Chromatographic Detectors

  • Imported light source: deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp imported from Germany; Flow cell: The new flow cell design, optical path polishing and extremely low postcolumn dead volume design ensure that the column efficiency of the system is improved;
  • Dual-wavelength detection: 2 wavelengths can be detected at the same time;
  • Wavelength scanning: the absorption spectrum can be scanned in the entire range of the light source;
  • Liquid leakage detection: used to alarm when liquid leakage caused by misoperation, overpressure, etc.;
  • UV3100D, UV3200D dual lamp position design: the standard configuration meets the spectrum selection in the wavelength range of 188-900nm;
  • This machine automatically performs spectrum calibration. According to the theoretical model of grating spectroscopy and the characteristic spectrum of the deuterium lamp, the spectrum calibration algorithm is designed with simple structure and accurate results.
Diode Array Detector
  • The diode array detector is an efficient and powerful general-purpose detector in high performance liquid chromatography systems. It uses imported core components, integrated optical structure design, stable and reliable performance, and can achieve simultaneous detection of all wavelengths in the range of 190nm-800nm , The amount of information is 1024 times that of UV detectors. On the basis of the chromatographic function, it also provides a variety of unique functions such as spectrum graph and matching calculation,maximum value graph, three-dimensional view, contour line graph, peak purity calculation, and spectrum library management.
ELSD Detector
  • Low-temperature evaporation design meets the detection requirements of thermally unstable substances.
  • The new split mode expands the application range of evaporative light scattering detectors.
  • Three independent airflow controls for atomization, evaporation, and detection can meet the analysis of substances with different characteristics.
  • The high-performance photomultiplier tu be ensures extremely high sensitivity.
Fluorescence Detector
  • The fluorescence detector uses a DC xenon lamp as the light source and has a dual monochromator structure. The excitation wavelength and emission wavelength can be flexibly set to meet your testing needs for different samples.
  • Equipped with two operation modes: touch LCD display and chromatography workstation, providing two analog channel output, and data transmission via RS232 serial port or Ethernet. It is suitable for the detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons, aflatoxins, vitamins, amino acids and other substances.

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