What is the Ybotech Co2 Incubator?

Ybotech CO2 incubator is a cultivation instrument for cell, tissue, and bacterial culture. It is key equipment necessary to develop immunology, oncology, genetics, and bioengineering. The CO2 incubator is improved on the basis of ordinary culture. CO2 is added to meet the environment required for cultivating microorganisms, and the CO2 concentration is controlled by the CO2 concentration sensor.

Water Jacket & Air Jacket

Water Jacket: The water-jacketed incubator maintains a constant temperature through an independent hot water compartment surrounding the internal tank. The unique water jacket design enables the incubator to more reliably maintain the accuracy and stability of the temperature in the incubator for a long time in the event of a power failure. If your experimental environment is not stable (such as useful power limitation, or frequent power outages) and you need to maintain stable culture conditions for a long time, a water-jacketed carbon dioxide incubator is your best choice.

Air Jacket: The air jacket heating system directly heats the gas in the box through the heater, and can quickly restore the temperature stability in the box when the door is frequently opened and closed. Therefore, it has the characteristics of fast heating and rapid temperature recovery, which is especially beneficial for short-term cultivation and cultivation that requires frequent opening and closing of the door. In addition, the air-jacketed design is simpler than the water-jacketed design for users and is easier to maintain and clean.

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