IC6210 Ion Chromatography

Industry application: 

Environment, food, medicine, agriculture, grain and oil, and chemical industry.

YBOTECH Ion chromatography is a kind of high performance liquid chromatography, so it is also called high performance ion chromatography (HPIC) or modern ion chromatography. It is different from traditional ion exchange column chromatography mainly because that resin has high cross-linking degree and low exchange capacity, the sample volume is very small, and normally, a plunger pump is used to pump eluent for on-line automatic continuous conductivity detection of leachate.

gradePerformance characteristics

The high configuration contains an ion chromatography system. The standard configuration contains a reagent-free eluent generator, which has three modes: hydroxide, carbonate and methane sulfonic acid system, so users can conveniently realize gradient elution without configuring eluent. A foreign ion capture device is built in the conversion system of hydroxide and methane to reduce background conductivity and baseline noise. The nitrogen pressurization device of the standard configuration can

gradeFunctionality Features
  • Ideal model for high efficiency,high sensitivity and high reliability ion chromatography detection.
  • Dual system one machine to achieve simultaneous detection of anions and cations.
  • Two-dimensionalion chromatography (valve switching) and postcolumn chemical derivatization can be realized.
  • Dual system simultaneous detection design maximizes customer detection efficiency and further reduces detection time.
  • High-end dual-pump dual-system detection can be configured, or single-pump singlesystem detection can be customized accordingto customer needs, personalizing your chromatography solution.
  • The modular design of dual pumps, column oven, detector and eluent generator allows the user to choose the desired system configuration.
gradeTechnical Features
  • Integrated appearance design, high brightness LCD full touch GUI controller.
  • Higher degree of automation “One Key Rinse” and “One Key Maintenance” automatic maintenance function.
  • Higher integration: support optional parts upgrade to 2D system and multi-detector combination.
  • All-plastic non-metallic flow path.
  • Highly precise temperature control of the whole system.
  • Precision PEEK ion chromatography pump.
  • Electrolytic self-regenerating membrane suppressor
  • High precision temperature-controlled conductivity detector.
  • Powerful and convenient chromatography workstation.
gradeIC6200 Series All-in-One Ion Chromatograph
Eluent Bottle

2L imported thick-walled polypropylene eluent bottle; sealed receiver design; double bottle design, adding deionized water for rinsing.

In-line Degaser

Teflon@AF tube is used to shorten the solution replacement time; two channels, online degassing of both the eluent and rinse solution is possible.

Precision Peek Ion Chromatography Pump

Full PEEK material pump head, resistant to acid and alkali and reversed-phase organic solvents, avoiding metal contamination.Two-stage suspension drive technology to significantly extend seal life.Tandem dual plunger mode with electronic pulsation suppression technology,providing high precision, low pulsation and low drift eluent.

With high and low pressure protection function.

Solvent Switching Device

Full PEEK material, which can realize seamless switching of eluent and rinse solution and inline replacement without stopping the pump.

“One key rinse” and “one key maintenance” function can be realized with software control.

With high and low pressure protection function.

High Precision Column Oven

Built-in column oven, reducing the dead volume in the flow path,having eluent preheating, can eliminate the negative impact of low ambient temperature and fluctuations at room temperature. High performance heat exchange technology, high precision temperature control; transparent observation window, can directly observe the working condition of the column.

Electric Peek Injection Valve

Adopt Rheodynel electric PEEK injection valve, which can resist acid, alkali and reversed-phase organic solvent to avoid metal contamination; electric injection control to provide stable and constant sample volume.

Electrolytic Self-regenerating Suppressor

Provides continuous and stable suppression to improve analytical stability and reproducibility and reduce system noise and drift.

Fast equilibration time, no risk of membrane drying out, and long service life.

gradeEluent Generator (OH, CO3, MSA)

Eliminate the trouble and error caused by manual preparation of eluent, the user only needs to add pure water to precisely produce the required concentration of high-purity eluent by controlling the current, and can achieve gradient elution without using expensive multiplex pumps.

Save Manpower and Time

The ability to produce different concentrations of eluent with only deionized water.

Cost Savings for Customers

Eluent generator for gradient elution with a single pump.

Extends Instrument Service Life

Only deionized water is pumped into the chromatography system, the pump seals and pistons are no longer subject to corrosion from acids, alkali and salts, reducing pump failure rates and extending pump life.

Accurate and Reliable with High Repeatability

The eluent generator is connected after the pump and before the inlet valve, so the concentration is adjusted without going through the pump volume, resulting in a rapid response with almost no delay

Automatic Gradient Elution

The entire chemical process is completed in a sealed volume, avoiding the errors caused by manual preparation of the eluent and the contamination caused by exposure to air, effectively improving the concentration accuracy of the eluent.

ECD3100 Amperometric Detector (Stand-alone Version)

The amperometric detector adopts a three-electrode electrochemical cell structure that DC amperometric detection, Pulsed amperometric detection (PAD) and Integrated pulsed amperometric detection (IPAD) can be realized.

AS2800 Autosampler

It is driven by a cost-effective peristaltic pump with either pumping or propulsion modes.

The 48-port disc-type injection tray with reserved injection needle coarse and fine washing ports for high reproducibility of test results. Available for single system injection and dual system injection.

AS3100 Autosampler
  • Self-developed, seamless connection to the workstation.
  • Key components are globally sourced: electric injection valve, syringe pump,4-selector rotary valve, liquid line and high/low pressure connectors.
  • Dual system extension design: optional switching valve to complete dual system injection.
  • Pipeline material: full PEEK non-metallic material.
  • Multiple samples: 2mL, 120 ports.
  • Sampling mode: full loop, partial, lossless injection.
  • Auxiliary air pump: for auxiliary pressurization and internal needle cleaning.
  • Refrigeration: optional refrigeration module for low-temperature preservation of samples.
  • Rinse solution: 2 built-in and external rinse solutions can be selected for wider practicality.
  • Built-in illumination: convenient for users to observe the sample feeding process.

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