What is the Ybotech low speed centrifuge?

Ybotech low speed centrifuge is an ideal instrument for centrifugation at hospitals, research institutes and universities.

With a rotation speed less than 8,000rpm, It is equipped with variety of rotors and adapters which been used for separation and purification of radio immunity clinical medicine, biochemistry, biopharmaceuticals and blood products.

Main features of Ybotech low speed centrifuge  :

  • Microcomputer control with LED display, Driven by AC frequency conversion motor.
  • RCF and speed separately and switching free, automatically calculate RCF.
  • Up to 10 level accelerate and decelerate control.
  • Displayed in seconds when the countdown time is less than one minute.
  • Electronic locks with full steel inner cavity protective cover.
  • Imported energy-efficient ECO friendly refrigeration system.
  • One key pre-cooling function.
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