What is the Ybotech pH Meter?

Ybotech pH meter may be used for brewing beer or wine, fermenting food, making cheese, maintaining swimming pools, checking the acidity of tap water, and numerous scientific applications. Your needs should inform the type of pH meter you select, as some models are more accurate than others.

The design of a pH meter determines how it is used and how portable it is.

Pen-style pH meters are the least expensive and easiest to use. They are slim and small enough to fit in your pocket. The electrode in the tip is used to take measurements. These may be waterproof and can be used with one hand.

Handheld pH meters have a large display and an electrode at the end of an attached cable. This design requires two hands to use, though it is still a highly portable option. Many handheld pH meters are waterproof; some are also shockproof. The computer in a handheld meter is often more capable than that of a pen-style meter.

Benchtop pH meters are by far the most expensive options and are designed for lab work. They are often the most accurate and use a variety of electrodes specific to different types of work. Benchtop pH meters are easy to use and well-suited to a variety of tasks. Some have the ability to track your data as you work.

For measuring solids (like cheese) or soil, a pH meter designed specifically for the job is needed. Surface pH readers are commonly used for food, and soil pH readers are used for measuring the pH of soil.

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