What is the Ybotech Thermal Cycler?

PCR, Polymerase Chain Reaction, is a method for enzymatic synthesis of specific DNA fragments in vitro. It consists of high temperature denaturation, low temperature annealing (renaturation) and suitable temperature extension. The cycle is carried out, and the target DNA can be rapidly amplified. It has the characteristics of high specificity, high sensitivity, simple operation and time saving. Thermal cycler is the device for rapid amplification of genes. Based on Peltier technology, it realizes the rapid, accurate and automatic circulation of reagent temperature, thus realizing the full automation of the PCR process. It can be used not only in basic research such as gene isolation, cloning and nucleic acid sequencing, but also in clinical diagnosis of diseases.

Ybotech ETC811 Thermal Cycler is a basic and economic thermal cycler which has 96 wells and 384 wells options.

Ybotech ETC821 Thermal Cycler Pro,a beautiful and smart thermal cycler, developed on the basis of the classic ETC811. While inheriting the classical features, more intelligent, humanized and practical technological elements are added to provide a very smooth sense of operation.

Ybotech ETC821D Thermal Cycler Plus is a Double-block model meticulously built on the basis of the classic ETC821 model. The instrument adopts a Double-block module design and can run two different PCR programs independently. It is especially suitable for small throughput such as teaching and scientific research PCR experiment

What is the Ybotech Real-time qPCR System?

Ybotech eQ1600 series Real-time PCR instrument is portable PCR machine with the size of A4 paper which mainly used for disease prevention and control, inspection and quarantine, agriculture and forestry, food safety testing, African swine fever (ASF); molecular biology teaching and research; battlefield, criminal investigation and emergency detection; clinical diagnosis, community medical , POCT on-site inspection.

eQmini is a high-performance model meticulously improved on the basis of the eQ164CP classic model. The instrument comes with a full-color touch screen and self-developed operation analysis software. It does not require a computer and realizes independent operation, program editing, data viewing and data analysis. The compact body design and powerful software functions fully meet the various needs of users for small-throughput experiments and outdoor operations.

The eQ9600 series product is a 96-well high-throughput real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR detection system released by ULTRASSAY following the eQ1600 series. This product adopts the DDSOM two-dimensional scanning photoelectric module technology and thermal system design, the unique technology of ULTRASSAY, achieving product characteristics of strong photoelectric signal, high sensitivity, low background noise and light weight. Coupled with powerful and friendly system software, it can be used for multiple gene detection, quantitative analysis, SNP analysis, melting curve analysis and other experiments.
This system is suitable for polymerase chain reaction and quantitative detection in immunology, human genome engineering, forensic medicine, oncology, tissue and population biology, paleontology, zoology, botany and other fields.

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