SP-5220 Gas Chromatograph

YBOTECH SP-5220 gas chromatograph has undergone professional reliability verification, according to GB/T11606-2007 “Environmental Test Methods for Analytical Instruments” in the third category of industrial process instruments, T/CIS 03002.1-2020 “Reliability Enhancement Test Methods for Electrical Systems of Scientific Instruments and Equipment” T/CIS 03001.1-2020 “Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Verification Method for Reliability of the Entire Machine” and other standards. T/CIS 03002.1-2020 “Reliability Enhancement Test Method for Electrical System of Scientific Instruments and Equipment” T/CIS 03001.1-2020 “Mean Time Between Failure Verification Method for Scientific Instruments and Equipment” etc. The whole machine passes the thermal test, reliability enhancement test, comprehensive stress reliability rapid verification test, safety test, electromagnetic compatibility test, MTBF test, which guarantees the instrument to operate in a long term, stable and reliable way!

gradeStable and Reliable

SP-5220 Gas Chromatograph has passed five professional certifications, confirming that the instrument is capable of safe, stable, and trouble-free operation for an average of 5,000+ hours.

gradeAccuracy and Excellence

Based on the new generation of high-precision EPC system, high stability temperature control system. Ensure that the instrument generates fast, accurate and reliable data.

The new generation of high-precision EPC has, a pressure control accuracy of up to 0.001 psi; EPC adopts high-precision pressure and flow sensors, high-precision amplified data acquisition and control circuits, thus realizing high-precision pressure and flow control, with a control accuracy up to 0.001 psi, in order to ensure excellent qualitative and quantitative repeatability. At the same time, the adoption of atmospheric pressure and room temperature compensation technology can ensure that the pressure control accuracy in the external conditions change can still obtain excellent control performance.

The high-speed closed-loop temperature control system makes the temperature control accuracy reach 0.1℃, and the program temperature rise repeatability reaches 0.5%, Through the theoretical modeling of the column box and the physical prototype verification, it ensures the excellent column box structure system. A reasonable column box structure better realizes the internal heat conduction of the system and can realize up to 120 ℃ / min heating rate. Self-developed high-speed closed-loop temperature control system, as well as complex environment based on the heating power, after the opening of the door, fan speed, and other parameters of the mathematical control model, the adoption of the AC power supply over-zero detection circuit to achieve accurate heating power control, thus ensuring high-precision temperature control and the repeatability of the temperature control for a number of times.

Intelligent Interconnection

The new intelligent electrical control system developed based on Linux system can realize multi-terminal status monitoring and Internet remote control to meet the demands of users for more application scenarios.

  • One cell phone can control multiple gas chromatographs.
  • Check instrument information at any time after connecting to the Internet
  • Remote operation can control the instrument
  • Edit GC methods without the need for a chromatography workstation.
  • Check the instrument status and sample running condition at any time
  • Analyze the stability of the instrument in the current situation through big data.
  • Evaluate GC detector performance at any time
  • Q&A-based instrument maintenance tests
Column Oven
  • Operating temperature range: room temperature to 450℃
  • Temperature Setting Accuracy: 0.1℃
  • Temperature Control Accuracy: 0.01℃
  • Temperature Stability: ≤0.5%
  • Environmental sensitivity: When the ambient temperature changes by 1 ˚C, better than 0.01 ℃
  • Heating Rate: ≥120 ℃/min
  • Programmed Heating Repeatability: ≤0.1%
  • Programmed Heating Order: 32
  • Cooling Time (from 450℃ to 50℃): ≤4 min
  • Maximum Running Time: 9999.999min
  • Retention Time Reproducibility: <0.008% RSD
  • Reproducibility of Peak Area: <1% RSD
  • Maximum temperature: 450℃
  • Gas control mode: constant pressure, constant flow rate, program up/down, program up/down flow, pulse injection
  • Program boosting/current raising: 10th order
  • Program boosting/current raising
  • Pressure range: 0-1035kPa(0-150psi)
  • Maximum Split Ratio: 9999.9:1
  • Gas flow setting range: 0-200mL/min (N2)
  • Gas flow setting range: 0-1000mL/min (H2)
Thermal conductivity detector – TCD
  • Maximum temperature: 420℃
  • Minimum detectivity: ≤4×1010 g/mL
  • Sensitivity: ≥2000 mV·mL/mg
  • Baseline noise: ≤80 μV
  • Baseline drift: ≤200 μV
  • Linear range: 105
Flame ionization detector – FID
  • Maximum temperature: 450℃
  • Minimum detectivity: ≤1.5×10-12 g/s
  • Baseline noise: ≤40 μV (4×10-14 A)
  • Baseline drift: ≤400 μV (4×10-13 A)
  • Linear range: 107
Electron capture detector – ECD
  • Maximum temperature: 420℃
  • Minimum detectivity: ≤1×10-14g/m
  • Baseline noise: ≤20 μV
  • Baseline drift: ≤60 μV
  • Linear range: 104
Flame photometric detector – FPD
  • Maximum temperature: 420℃
  • Minimum detectivity: [P] ≤4.5×10-14 g/s   [S]≤2.5×10-12 g/s
  • Baseline noise: ≤10 μV (5×10-12 A)
  • Baseline drift: ≤250 μV (4×10-11 A)
  • Linear range: [P]: 105; [S]: 103
Nitrogen-phosphorus detector – TSD
  • Maximum temperature: 420℃
  • Minimum detectivity: [P] ≤1×10-13 g/s   [N] ≤2×10-13 g/s
  • Baseline noise: ≤40 μV (8×10-14 A)
  • Baseline drift: ≤300 μV (6×10-13 A)
  • Linear range: 104
Alkali flame detector – AFD
  • Maximum temperature: 420℃
  • Minimum detectivity: ≤2×10-13 g
  • Baseline noise: ≤4 mV
  • Baseline drift: ≤50 mV
Instrument size   Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
SP-5220 514 548 580 40
SP-5220 (autosampler) 986 639 580 40

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