ultrassay® M Series Xenon Lamp Double Beam UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

ultrassay® M Series Double Beam Xenon Lamp UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Double Beam Design

Double beam can monitor the sample and blank variability at the same time, and the measurement results are recorded accurately, then reduce measurement error to minimum.

Flashing Xenon Lamp

Xenon flash lamp has a very strong energy in the ultraviolet and visible region, can start testing directly with preheating. And has characters such as very low power consumption, ultra long life and no heating…. can be fuaranteed at least 3 years for the lamp the normal measurement. It’s very easy for maintenance, the use of low cost.

Computer Control

Computer based on Windows operating system. Rich data interface (USD, Bluetooth, WIFI, Ethernet, HDMI, VGA, etc.), to facilitate the user to connect the printer, memory, mouse, keyboard, display and other peripherals, and can be extended.

Color Touch Screen

10.1 inch high resolution capacitive color touch screen. Support 10 points touch, Combined with the friendly interface, a nice working experience for users.


The instrument design was completely followed by GLP/GMP, Built-in perfect user management, data storage, traceability and other functions.

Extensive Accessories

Instrument can be convenient to use 8-cell automatic holder, Peltier/Sipper System, Reflection accessories and so forth, greatly expanding the application field of the instrument.

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