YBOTECH GCMS-1522 GC-MS system has undergone professional reliability verification, according to GB/T11606-2007 “Environmental Test Methods for Analytical Instruments” in the third category of industrial process instruments, T/CIS 03002.1-2020 “Reliability Enhancement Test Methods for Electrical Systems of Scientific Instruments and Equipment” T/CIS 03001.1-2020 “Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Verification Method for Reliability of the Entire Machine” and other standards. T/CIS 03002.1-2020 “Reliability Enhancement Test Method for Electrical System of Scientific Instruments and Equipment” T/CIS 03001.1-2020 “Mean Time Between Failure Verification Method for Scientific Instruments and Equipment” etc. The whole machine passes the thermal test, reliability enhancement test, comprehensive stress reliability rapid verification test, safety test, electromagnetic compatibility test, MTBF test, which guarantees the instrument to operate in a long term, stable and reliable way!

gradeWorking condition
  •  Operating environmental temperature: 18-28℃
  • Operating environmental humidity: ≤80%
  • Operating voltage: 220 V (±10%), 50Hz (±2%)
gradeSingle quadrupole mass spectrometer parameters

Main performance indicators

  • Sensitivity: 1 pg, OFN S/N≥800:1
  • Quality range: 1.5- 1050 amu
  • Quality stability: ± 0.10 amu/48 hours
  • Quality accuracy: ± 0.10 amu
  • Maximum scanning speed: 12500 amu/s, with adjustable speed throughout the entire process
  • Resolution: 0.4-4amu adjustable
  • Dynamic range: 10
  • Peak area reproducibility: < 2% RSD
  • Scanning methods: full scan, selective ion monitoring, full scan and selective ionsynchronous monitoring, alternating scanning.

Ion source

  • Type of ion source: Electron impact source (EI)
  • Ion source configuration: Inert ceramic ion source, dual filament software switching
  • Filament current: 0-500 μA
  • Ionization energy: 5- 100 eV
  • Ion source temperature: 50℃-350℃
  • Equipped with a filament observation window to visually judge the working status of the filament
  • Interface temperature: 50-350℃

Quality analyzer

  • Quality analyzer: equipped with high-precision all metal quadrupole with pre quadrupole
  • The quadrupole is optimized for temperature control, which can ensure quality stability indicators without the need for temperature control
  • Pre quadrupole detachable and washable to avoidcontamination of the main quadrupole
  • The quadrupole has optimized ion energy technology, which optimizes the speed of ions passing through the quadrupole and improves signal quality


  • Long lifespan level 13 dispersed dynode electronic multiplier
  • Equipped with a 10kV conversion dynode and a lens system for removing neutral noise

Vacuum system

  • Front stage pump, speed≥4 m3/h
  • Configure a high-performance turbomolecular pump, speed≥250 L/s
  • Maximum allowable chromatographic column flow rate: 5 ml/min (He)
  • Configured with a hot cathode ionization vacuum gauge, and the software can directly read high vacuum readings.

Split/non split injector

  • Maximum using temperature:450˚C
  • Gas control mode: constant pressure, constant flow rate, program up/down pressure,program up/down flow, pulse injection
  • Program boosting/current raising:10th order
  • pressure setting range:0- 1035 kPa (0- 150 psi)
  • Maximum split ratio:9999.9:1
  • Flow setting range: 0-200 mL/min (N2)
  • Flow setting range: 0- 1000 mL/min (H2)

Column oven

  • Operating temperature range: room temperature: +4˚C to 450˚C
  • Temperature Setting Accuracy:1˚C
  • Temperature control accuracy:01˚C
  • Temperature Stability: ≤0.5%
  • Temperature uniformity: ≤2.5%
  • Environmental sensitivity: When the ambient temperature changes by 1˚C,better than 0.01℃
  • Heating Rate::≥100˚C /min
  • Programmed Heating Repeatability: ≤1%
  • Programmed Heating Order: 32
  • Cooling Time (from 450℃to 50℃): ≤4 min
  • Maximum Running Time: 9999.999 min
  • Widetemperature RF power supply can better adapt to various laboratory environments, and instrument performance is more stable
  • High precision all metal quadrupole, ensuring good resolution
  • Quadrupole mass analyzer with pre quadrupole, quadrupole has stronger antipollution ability
  • Electronic multiplier with high-energy conversion dynode, ensuring excellentsensitivity
  • Adopting high-performance turbo molecular pump, with high pumping speed andstable operation, ensuring long-term high vacuum environment for mass spectrometry
  • High temperature inert ion source has high ionization efficiency, reducespollution, and is equipped with dual filaments, providing twice the usage time
  • configured with automatic sampler, blow trap, thermal analyzer, headspace sampler to achieve sample analysis of different states.
Instrument size   Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
SP-5220 514 548 580 40
SP-5220 (autosampler) 986 639 580 40

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