Ti-50 Automatic Potential Titrator

Ti-50 Automatic Potential Titrator


  • 10ml burette
  • 232-01 referenc electrode
  • 213-01 platinum electrode
  • 216-01 silver electrode
  • 217-01 referenc electrode
  • 231-01 pH indicator electrode
  • T-818-B-6 Temperature probe
  • NIST pH standard solution(4.01, 7.00, 10.01), 50ml/vial


  • 7” colorful touchscreen and smart guide system.
  • Titration methods, curves and results are displayed in detail.
  • 1 extra burette driver can be installed (optional).
  • Replaceable burette with high-accuracy (10 ml or 20 ml selectable).
  • Intelligent operation system provides features including user management, method management, electrode management, titrant management, data management, etc.
  • Support the following titration modes: DET (dynamic equivalence point titration), MET (monotone equivalence point titration), SET (Preset Endpoint Titration) and MAT (manual titration).
  • pH calibration and measurement are supported.
  • Up to 100 user-defined methods and 10 user-defined shortcuts.
  • Auto calculation with pre-defined formula.

Product specifications

Model Ti-50
Burette Repeatability 0.20%
Accuracy 10ml Burette: ±0.025ml; 20ml Burette: ±0.035ml
Resolution 10ml Burette: 1/20000; 20ml Burette: 1/10000
Mechanical Unit Resolution 1/30000
Measuring Unit Range (-1999.0~1999.0) mv, (0.00~14.00)pH
Resolutions 0.1mV, 0.01pH
Accuracy pH: ±0.01pH mv: ±0.03%FS
Fluctuation (±0.3mV±1bit) /3h
Temp. Compensation Range (-5.0~105.0)  ºC
Resolutions 0.1 ºC
Accuracy ±0.3 ºC
General Power Supply AC Adapter, 100-240V AC input, DC24V output
Dimension (mm)& Weight (kg) 340×400×400; 10

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