TU1000 Turbidity Meter

TU1000 Turbidity Meter


  • 5 pcs turbidity bottles


  • 850nm LED light Source.
  • Uses Nephelometric principle with 90° detection.
  • Meets ISO 7027 and offers consistent light source for higher accuracy.
  • Selectable turbidity units, including the NTU, FNU and EBC.
  • Settable parameters, including user ID, number of calibration points, data and time, etc.
  • 2 photodiodes to ensure high accuracy.
  • 1-6 points calibration using Formazin standards or zero water.
  • Autoranging from 0-1000 NTU.
  • Data capacity of up to 2000 sets (GLP-compliant).
  • Data stored can be transferred into the computer by USB or RS-232 communication interface.

Product specifications

Model TU1000
Measuring Unit Range (0~20.00) NTU,

(20.0~200.0) NTU

(200~1000) NTU

Accuracy ±2% of reading+0.02NTU
Repeatability ≤0.5%
Fluctuation ±0.5%FS/30min
General Power Supply AC Adapter, 200-240 VAC input
Dimension (mm)& Weight (kg) 330×250×130, 2.5

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